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I’m Harry Bailey and I help foster tech teams and the humans who help form and fuel them. My work creates better outcomes, more value, happier humans and solid autonomous teams.

My experience as a product owner, business owner, tech strategist and software developer enables me take a team-focused approach. I look to support value creation at every level from pair coding through to business strategy.

Some describe my role as Delivery Coach and some as Agile Coach. My preference is Agility Coach. You can’t achieve agile, instead you should continue to be agile, and so I work with teams of all sizes and experience levels to be better tomorrow than they are today.

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Drawing an iphone 4s in a squared notebook

All measurements are in squares

outer height 23
outer width 12
screen height 15 ( 4 from top )
screen width 10 ( 1 from left)
speaker height 1/5 ( 2 from top )
speaker width 2 ( 5 from left )
camera – draw circle 1 square to left of speaker
home button height 2 ( 1 from bottom )
home button width 2 ( 5 from left )

home button should be round
outer corners of phone should be 1 square of curve