Sending To Multiple Twitter Accounts From One Device using SMS (text message)

Update: You can now signup and help in testing.

I have been working on something recently to make my Twitter life a lot easier.

I don’t have an iPhone and I’m not planning one getting on in the near future, so I send sms messages to Twitter to update my status. Simple enough when you have one Twitter account. You just add your device ( phone ) to Twitter, tell it when to send you sms messages, and what to send you and off you go.

Sadly you can only apply a device to one Twitter account and can only send updated to one account from your device via sms.

Until now!

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Facebook Preload FQL Help

Facebook have a beta feature on their platform api called Preload FQL. It allows you to specify an FQL call to take place before the request for the page is made from your servers. This could save a full round trip of api request if you’re clever about it.

Well the wiki article is quite large but misses a few points I thought it worth noting…

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Internet Banking and Webhooks Part 2

On the 1st May I wrote a quick article about how Internet Banking Drags it’s heals when it comes to new technology. See the first Internet Banking and Webhooks article.

To sidetrack for a second. When I post or update this blog, a twitter tweet is sent automatically to my twitter account to inform anyone who cares. Well just this morning ANZMoneyManager ‘followed me’ ( is that the right term? ). I can only assume it’s because of the previous post and me tweeting about it on there. They seem to be pretty pro-active when it comes to twitter and blog comments.

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How To Create A Fluid Facebook Publisher Interface

Facebook recently changed their publisher inface, again.

The publisher interface is what you see on all profile pages and on your home page. It is how you change your status, and can use it to publish link and photos too. The final option is to use one of you applications who offer a publisher.

Because the publisher is now used on the home and profile pages which have different widths, and Facebook have yet to document any explanation of how to make your publisher interface inline easily I spend a bit of time tinkering.

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MySQL Multiple Primary Key Columns In A Table

Some database management tools refuse to admit you can add multiple primary key columns to one table, so you might have to do it with direct sql syntax ( deep intake of breath ).

Multiple primary keys make ‘ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE column = column + 100’ type queries a shed load more flexible.

Anyway, on with the code:

ALTER TABLE tablename ADD PRIMARY KEY (column_one, column_two)

And there you have it. Robert’s your fathers brother.