Agile Coach Manchester

I’ve worked as an Agile Coach in one form or another for the last 20 years. Agile Coach Manchester has been on my badge at many an industry event.

Two decades of experience working in my own Manchester based agencies, and since then as an Agile Coach in development teams at product organisations and client facing agencies.

I offer more than just Agile. With many years of running businesses, software development, director-level roles and Agile coaching under my belt.

Send me an email or Book an intro call, and let’s discuss your needs.

Us Manchester Agile Coaches are made of solid Northern stuff. We come with the classic people skills and empathy of Mancunians, while also being used to hard graft and challenging situations.

I’ve been actively seeking out and working with agencies for decades. A Manchester Digital member in one form or another for many years. Their championing of all digital businesses in Manchester, as well as diversity, a range of events and even training programmes is invaluable.

While Agile comes in many forms, I’ve seen most of them. Scrum of course, I’m a certified Scrum Master and have played that role in Manchester and beyond. SAFe for larger organisations, where I’ve strengthened teams in roles including Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Release Train Engineer (RTE) and Product Owner. Kanban and Lean, where flow is highly prioritised, and of course XP.

In our current remote-first world, there are no longer vast differences between in-person and remote support. So whether you’re looking for an Agile Coach in Manchester or a remote Agile Coach with a great deal of experience in both agency and product house roles I can help.

Agile Coaching is often about pragmatism and context specific guidance. No two teams and situations are the same and a one size fits all approach is rarely the right solution to the needs of an Agile transformation.

Whether your focus is on improving your Net Promoter Score (NPS), your internal Net Promoter Score (eNPS), Total bugs found in production or something else, it’s probably an Agile Challenge I have experience with.

The Agile Manifesto and its principles and values can be enough for the early transformation foundations that are desirable. But frameworks are more suitable for larger more experienced teams.

Level of experience is key. Sometimes education about Agile is desirable, and sometimes it’s more relevant to coach around existing knowledge and processes.

As ICAgile put it:

An agile team coach guides individuals and teams to reach high performance. They weave together skills from professional facilitation, professional coaching, mentoring, and teaching—all in service of delivering business results that matter.

So whether you’re after a Manchester Agile Coach or just an experienced hand based in the UK, get in touch.

Send me an email or Book an intro call, and let’s discuss your needs.