Let's co-create your agency’s project definition & client onboarding toolkit

Specialising in enhancing agency-client dynamics, I build tools and define approaches for improving delivery outcomes. Including:

• Risk review & rebalancing process
• Delivery-approach shaping tools
• Digital resources

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What does it even mean?

Let’s jump right in with a very brief history. 

Agile was launched by 17 white men (from only 3 countries and aged between 36 and 61) in late 2001.

They created and shared the Agile Manifesto at that time. The manifesto is made up of principles and values. 12 short principles and 4 short values to be exact.

It focuses on the creation of software, nothing else.

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Better Project Risk Management for Agencies

a sign on a stone wall warning of danger

What do successful projects look like? Is it about profitability? Is it about making clients happy? A proud team? Or always hitting deadlines?

Success often means the avoidance of potential failures. And failure avoidance is about surfacing and mitigating risk.

Risk to project delivery comes in many forms. Complete failure is luckily rare. Most project risks only reduce the amount of success that can be achieved, and value that can be created.

Modern agencies serve many concurrent clients. Every one is different. They come with distinct requirements and people. Every project is unique. With new outcomes and deliverables.

Risk needs consideration and review before every new project.

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Winning with fixed-price, fixed-scope clients

padlock on metal gate during daytime

A new client walks through your door with a big pot of money and no plans for how to spend it. A rare creature indeed.

More likely, the client will share some details about what they see a project creating and the reason for their business needing it.

You might call these initial details sandcastles. The plans may look well-defined and considered, but it’s not ready to be a forever thing. 

They may have been planned without any evidence that it will actually work. It could be lacking input from people with the right experience. It might be too simple or too complex. There are plenty of opportunities to discuss making changes to the plan or even starting again.

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Defining and Achieving Client Value in Projects: Essential Insights

How can we deliver Value to a client unless we share an understanding of what Value means for the project?

We’ve all heard of “Good Value for money” and that something can itself be valuable. But how does the language fit into our project delivery and client management approach?

Projects start in different ways, but they all need to have one thing in common. Whether the client brings you a simple vision for the work, or they hand over a detailed 200-page specification, you still want to understand how to return the most value you can in the time available.

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