Workshops for Agencies

Facilitated workshops which build your agency’s skills and lay the foundations for client project success.

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The one for Agencies

Price: Free (or travel, tea and biscuits if outside Manchester, UK)
Time: 3 hrs

This workshop introduces your team to opportunities for flex and alignment in your project definition stage. I come to you, or meet somewhere with a whiteboard. The day is then spent reviewing your existing processes and co-creating a new approach to onboarding and project definition.

Includes work on surfacing and mitigating risk for various project approach methods. Understanding the impact of a project’s Why, What, Who and How. Evaluate the synergy between client & delivery approach.

Along the way, additional workshopping opportunities, digital resources and online tools will be introduced.

Are you facing challenges integrating less aligned clients into your delivery approach? Send me a message, and we can have a chat about this approach overview workshop.

The one for Clients

Price: POA
Time: 3-5 hrs

This workshop is client focused and intended to be scheduled prior to project contract discussions. It’s valuable as a stand-alone session and the outputs are transferable to other providers should you wish to offer that option to a client.

Depending on agency and client situation the session includes:

The story of Value and how to shift it to being the primary measure of success. Discuss the difference between business value, customer (or user) value and confirm a sweet spot exists.

The Why – consider the project inputs – requirements, needs, specifications. Discuss opinion vs evidence based needs.

The What – Taking input and evidencing them, or building trusted user requirements to align around a focus for the project

The Who – Understanding what a stakeholder is, the stakeholder map, what different delivery approaches require from stakeholders

The How – Confirm the different options for owning of the ‘How’

Risk – Where risk lies for different delivery approaches. How we can mitigate it, and what might happen if we don’t.

Protecting critical requirements in Agile delivery approaches – You can have your cake and eat it

Looking for ways to boost your client and project initiation process? Send me a message, and we can have a chat about this client & project inception workshop.