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How To Create A Fluid Facebook Publisher Interface

Facebook recently changed their publisher inface, again.

The publisher interface is what you see on all profile pages and on your home page. It is how you change your status, and can use it to publish link and photos too. The final option is to use one of you applications who offer a publisher.

Because the publisher is now used on the home and profile pages which have different widths, and Facebook have yet to document any explanation of how to make your publisher interface inline easily I spend a bit of time tinkering.

So if your apps publisher interface is currently popping up in a dialog, and you want it inline, there are the steps I know to work. You may need to do more or less.

1) Use a containing div with no width set to it
2) Ensure any tables have width:100% on them
3) Ensure the total maximum width is less than 376px
4) Use as few fixes width as possible

Only once you have completed the steps above, go to your app settings and on the profile tab, change the option to inline instead of dialog. If you are already on inline, switch to dialog, save, and then switch back.

Currently, one big pain in the backside.