More powerful jQuery getScript with cache control

If you love getScript as a shortcut method in jQuery, but you hate not being able to control whether the script calls from the browsers cache or not then you can override the build in function with a new one which is backwards compatible, so it won’t break any of your old code, and allows you to choose true or false to caching.

Read the original post by Jamie Thompson (via Internet Archive)

$.getScript = function(url, callback, cache){
			type: "GET",
			url: url,
			success: callback,
			dataType: "script",
			cache: cache

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Making Facebook Share Button Fit In

The share buttons that are currently offered by sites such as Digg, Facebook and Tweetmeme all have something in common when it comes to their height. 61px seems to be a developing standard.

The problem is that when you line them all up the Facebook share button is actually wider than the others which seem to come in at 52px.

Well you can make the Facebook button 52px in width without too much trouble. Facebook only use two classes to style the inner ‘Share’ button which seems to be the decider when it comes to the buttons width.

By shaving a little off the left and right padding we can bring the Facebook share button back down to 52px in width and make it play nice with the other share buttons.

The extra span is just enough to beat the included Facebook css with a higher specificity score by 1 single point.

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