Posts from November 2011.

Animating Fade Of Twitter Bootstrap Buttons

I came across a curious issue today. You can’t select a period of time over which to fade out and fade in Twitter Bootstrap buttons.

If you apply jQuery fadeTo() or animate() they fade out and they fade in, but they do it in their own time.

This may be related to a css transition which is applied in the bootstrap css, I haven’t had a chance to look, but the workaround for me is to put the button in a span and fade the span in and out instead.

   <span><a href="#" class="btn small">Button Text</a></span>

Add Random Hashes With Mysql

Adding a new column to a table which needs to contain a different random hash for each row?

Mysql can easily generate md5 strings and update all rows in the table for you

UPDATE thetable
SET thecolumn = MD5(RAND())
WHERE thecolumn IS NULL