What does it even mean?

Let’s jump right in with a very brief history. 

Agile was launched by 17 white men (from only 3 countries and aged between 36 and 61) in late 2001.

They created and shared the Agile Manifesto at that time. The manifesto is made up of principles and values. 12 short principles and 4 short values to be exact.

It focuses on the creation of software, nothing else.

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High-Impact Agile Stakeholders: Important Traits to Look For

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Most of us are lucky enough to have worked with amazing clients during our agency careers. Those clients where your key stakeholder doesn’t just pass you a project and stand back. They sell you on it, buy into it, stay by your side for it and celebrate the success with you when it’s done.

But what exactly is it about those people that makes them different from the average stakeholder? How can we evaluate a client early to consider just what their team will bring to a project? Can we build them up to be more aligned before our project gets started?

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