New Twitter Last Read Tweet Bar Bookmarklet

Update: Twitter has now added this to the site and the bookmarklet below is no longer of any use.

Got the new Twitter?
Annoyed that when you click the bar that says ‘x new tweets’ you can’t find the last one you had already read?
Harry Bailey to the rescue.

Update: Now works in Chrome, Safari, Firefox. Anyone checked Internet Explorer?

Drag the following link to your bookmark bar, go to the Twitter page that’s annoying you, click the bookmarklet:

(function(){ $('head').append(''); setInterval(function() { var last_read = $(''); if(!last_read.length) { $('').addClass('last-read'); } else if(last_read.prev().length) { $('').removeClass('marker').removeAttr('style'); last_read.removeClass('last-read').addClass('marker'); $('').addClass('last-read'); } }, 2000); }();

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