Posts from November 2008.

All Blueberry Donations Gratefully Accepted

BBC says blueberries help recover memory loss

There’s hope for me yet!

Play Any System Sound Through Airtunes Speakers

Airtunes speakers and iTunes are best friends and they don’t want to let anyone else play with them.

Well tough because now Airfoil is playing the good parent and making Airtunes play nice with everyone else too.

Install Airfoil on Mac OS X or Windows XP / Vista and you can select any application to grab the sound from and send it to your Airtunes speakers.

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jQuery Hover Listener Unbinding

jQuery has a great helper function called hover which takes two functions as it’s values.

/* something to do on mouseenter */
/* something to do on mouseleave */

Great when you want a simple way of doing something when your mouse enters or leaves the selected element(s).

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Google adds Promote, Remove, Comment

Just been onto google today to do my daily checks on site rankings and they have added new nifty features for anyone who is signed in to their google account.

Promot, remove and comment are now shown as small icon links next to each web search result. Promote is an up arrow with bar which goes green on hover, remove is a cross which goes grey on hover and comment is a small speech bubble which becomes bolder on hover.

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Hide genre column and apple store links in iTunes 8 on Mac OS X

When I upgraded iTunes to version 8 and started messing around with iTunes genius I was a very happy man. Clever little tool that. Shame that iTunes store arrows were littered around the screen and the genre column was back. iTunes had also removed the option to hide it from the preferences. Grrrrrr.

Well if you don’t want to see the genre column at the top of iTunes 8 on mac then I have the answer for you.

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