Panic’s Coda Bookmarks In Code Navigator

It is mentioned on the Panic site, but it took me ages to find it.

You can add bookmarks or tags to a file that will appear on Coda’s code navigator. Most of the time it’s as simple as an !

/* !bookmark */

<!-- !bookmark -->

/* !bookmark */ or // !bookmark

/* !bookmark */ or // !bookmark

You can of course replace the word bookmark with anything you like.

For a full list:

Solution to Firefox 3.0.8 Search Bar Bug – Enter Not Working

A long time ago, back when I used Firefox 1.5 the enter key stopped working in all forms. I had to use shift-enter to submit and get new lines. Back then I was a little less geeky and I just reinstalled and faced the loss of all my extension and bookmarks. Well it happened again recently, but this time with 3.0.8 and only for the Firefox search bar and I wasn’t so keen to throw in the towel this time.

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