Delivery Approach Review Session

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For many agencies, project delivery is a rollercoaster. An often chaotic experience. Full of ups and downs. Success for one client and frustration for the next.

You’ve landed on this page, so you’ll likely have experienced it yourself, whether while running an agency, managing agency projects, or as part of a delivery team. And I have too.

You’re not alone

Our experiences are backed up by data. A recent survey of more than 200 agencies showed that five of the top six project management challenges they face were related to project delivery.

  1. Poorly trained Project Managers
  2. Attempting to run too many projects
  3. Poor resource management
  4. Inconsistency in approach
  5. Frequent changes to scope

Only 45% of agencies reported that they had a track-record of project success. Less than half. That means all the other agencies who took part ran projects that were challenged or failing.

66% of agencies said they were late with delivery of the majority of projects. The same number, 66%, were often overspending. These two failures are certainly related, but equally surprising.

Based on these results, project success, on-time delivery, and hitting profit targets is for the minority of agencies. But we can improve that.

Learn, Adapt, Measure

These challenges are very personal to your agency. You may excel where another is failing. One solution may be right for your team and not be helpful elsewhere.

Step one is for us to understand what’s going wrong. We’ll review your current project delivery approach. Gathering insights from different team members, while mapping and helping you visualise priorities and potential.

Mapping is a great way to trigger discussion around pain points and challenges. What’s even better is that you can keep the map (in Miro) after the session. We could then return and add to it later, or you could build on it yourself.

Example of beginning to map a delivery approach

While we’re mapping, we’ll touch on some key aspects of delivery approaches.

In my process I use:

  • Align – before a project, lay the foundations for project success
  • Define – agree what we’re creating and what the priorities are
  • Deliver – master the creation, releases and delivery
  • Adapt – inspect our ways of working and improve

We’ll discuss the building blocks for consistent success:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Value definition
  • Kick-off
  • Outcomes or outputs
  • Delight
  • Retrospection
  • … and more

Progress not perfection

Two hours is certainly enough to make a good start. You’ll be able to see the potential for improvement. And see there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’ll likely you’ll have several actionable insights too.

You’ll also take away:

  • The approach map we create
  • A list of challenges and potential focuses
  • Insights on how you might approach each of those
  • Newly found faith that you can consistently deliver successful client projects
  • An excited team, ready to take on the challenge

Ready to book your Delivery Approach Review Session?

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Why is it currently Free?

I’ve run this session several times, but I’m still looking for feedback and testimonials. Once it’s been run with enough agencies, I’ll add a fair price to it.

Can I run it again for the same agency?

It’s an iterative session which you will benefit from repeating regularly. So yes, you could run it again. Could you have more than one free session? I’m afraid not, but we can discuss various options.

Does it matter if our agency focuses on Marketing, Design or Software?

Not at all. It’s valuable for any agency which runs projects for clients which have a start, a middle and an end. Especially if the end results in a sign-off. More so if there is knowledge work being done and the ‘What’ is often unclear to begin with.

Book a 30-minute call and let’s discuss your situation.