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Yii – “” not defined for CArrayDataProvider and CSqlDataProvider etc

There is a Yii error I come across every now and again, and each time it stumps me.

If you ever get not defined error when trying to put your dataprovider results into a cgridview or similar then it’s likely because

1) Your model doesn’t have an id column, it might use file_id or user_id etc instead and

2) You haven’t defined which other column should be used.

We do this using what’s known as keyField:

new CArrayDataProvider($users, array('keyField' => 'user_id'));
new CSqlDataProvider($users, array('keyField' => 'user_id'));

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  1. Thanks for sharing this piece of code, it helped me to solve a problem I had with CGridView and CArrayDataProvider.


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