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Playing Your Spotify Top list

When you first open Spotify you are offered two tabs ‘What’s new’ and ‘Top lists’. If you select ‘Top lists’ you are then shown two columns which contain a list of the top rated artists, albums and tracks for everywhere, your country or just you.

So you can select to see what tracks, albums or artist you listen to most, or see what are the most popular with others.

As far as the tracks list goes, you can also play it. Choose ‘Tracks’ from the drop down menu on the left, and choose ‘everywhere’ from the drop down menu on the right. You now have a list of Spotify’s top tracks for the whole world. There is no simple ‘play’ button, but these steps aren’t too taxing…

1) Click the first track’s title
2) Hold down shift and click the last track’s title
3) Right click anywhere on the selected area and choose ‘play’

If you are already playing some tunes, you could choose to queue or even save it to a playlist for later.

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