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Hide topics row in Postbox message view

I love Postbox. I talk about it a lot. However Postbox is trying to be more than a mail client and as part of that is attempting to sneak into the world of GTD with the inclusion of todos and topics.

Now call me old fashioned but I use Things for my GTD stuff and so don’t use todos or topics in Postbox.

“Not a problem really is it?” I hear you yell. Well no until you look at the amount of space the topic row of Message View takes up. Believe me on a small screen this matters:

postbox topics

Lucky Thunderbird (and therefore Postbox) has a way to edit the Chrome (or look and feel) using CSS.
Even better it’s done on a profile level, so you don’t have to worry about losing your changes when you upgrade.

1) Add a new folder and call it ‘chrome’ into your profile folder. On a mac you profile folder can be found in either systems Library/Application Support/ folder or your own user version of the Library/Application Support/

~/Library/Application Support/Postbox

2) Add a file into that folder called userChrome.css

3) Edit that file and add the following:

#tagsBox.mailheader {

4) Restart Postbox.

postbox no topics