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Using iDrive But Stop iDriveMonitor Autostarting

I like iDrive. It quietly keeps my selected folders backed up. But this isn’t a review of iDrive, it’s instructions for how to use iDrive but stop the iDriveMonitor application from forcing itself to the front of the startup queue when you login.

It took me a while to get to the bottom of the problem after I started delaying application launch to ease memory use on startup.

I knew I needed iDriveMonitor to start at login, but I didn’t want it to start first because it seems to bog down os x when started along with multiple other apps.

But if I removed it from the login items and manually started it, it automatically added itself back to my Login Items. There is no option to stop it doing this built into iDrive. How annoying.

My solution was a really simple AppleScript, which starts it after everything else at login, and when it automatically adds itself to my Login Items, the script counts to 4 and then removes it.

So now iDriveMonitor launches last at login and isn’t allowed to add itself to my Login Items for more than a few seconds.

delay 2

tell application "IDriveMonitor"
end tell

delay 4

tell application "System Events"
	get the name of every login item
	if login item "IDriveMonitor" exists then
		delete login item "IDriveMonitor"
		display dialog "IDriveMonitor login item doesn’t exist"
	end if
end tell