My Bucket

Recently I was in the process of building a twitter app which allowed control of multiple twitter accounts from a single bucket account. The reason was to allow a user with a single mobile device and only sms access to twitter to manage more than one account. It should be online soon.

During development I was approached by a developer looking for a self hosted grouptwitter clone. My code pretty much contained what they were after already, so after a short period of coding I came up with My Bucket.

My Bucket is a single file php install script which creates code for an echo twitter bot. The install script goes through several steps, including authenticating using OAuth. Whenever run, the twitter bot will look for an accounts direct messages and spit them as proper tweets with ‘via @username’ appended to the end.

Because only accepted followers can direct message a twitter account, a controlled group can be created by the group accounts owner.

My Bucket creates code which the user is then prompted to save as a php file. The user then creates a cron job to run the cron file every few minutes, and off it goes. My Bucket grabs up to 50 direct messages per sweep, manipulates them, re-posts them as tweets and then deletes them to keep your inbox clear.

My Bucket requires no database and uses OAuth secure authentication.

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