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A Friend Request Form Inside A Facebook Iframe Application


The example given on the Facebook developer documentation page ( ) doesn’t work. This one does.

Note how some html is escaped and the multi-friend-selector is inside the form.

The code below allows you to add the large version of a friend select in the form of an invite tool to your iframe facebook applications:

<fb:serverFbml style="width: 755px;">  
     <script type="text/fbml">
                content="This is a test invitation from XFBML test app
                &lt;fb:req-choice url=&quot;see fb:req-choice docs for details.&quot;
                    label=&quot;Ignore the Facebook test app!&quot; /&gt;
                    actiontext="Invite your friends to use Socially." />

Making Facebook Share Button Fit In


The share buttons that are currently offered by sites such as Digg, Facebook and Tweetmeme all have something in common when it comes to their height. 61px seems to be a developing standard.

The problem is that when you line them all up the Facebook share button is actually wider than the others which seem to come in at 52px.

Well you can make the Facebook button 52px in width without too much trouble. Facebook only use two classes to style the inner ‘Share’ button which seems to be the decider when it comes to the buttons width.

By shaving a little off the left and right padding we can bring the Facebook share button back down to 52px in width and make it play nice with the other share buttons.

<style type="text/css">
span .FBConnectButton_Small .FBConnectButton_Text 
	padding:3px 2px 2px;

The extra span is just enough to beat the included Facebook css with a higher specificity score by 1 single point.

Facebook Preload FQL Help

Facebook have a beta feature on their platform api called Preload FQL. It allows you to specify an FQL call to take place before the request for the page is made from your servers. This could save a full round trip of api request if you’re clever about it.

Well the wiki article is quite large but misses a few points I thought it worth noting…

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How To Create A Fluid Facebook Publisher Interface

Facebook recently changed their publisher inface, again.

The publisher interface is what you see on all profile pages and on your home page. It is how you change your status, and can use it to publish link and photos too. The final option is to use one of you applications who offer a publisher.

Because the publisher is now used on the home and profile pages which have different widths, and Facebook have yet to document any explanation of how to make your publisher interface inline easily I spend a bit of time tinkering.

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Converting a Facebook group to a Facebook page

Why would you start a Facebook group instead of a Facebook page? Are there any benefits?

Very good questions.

Basically there are none.

You get all the benfits of a group with a page, with the added benefit of being able to send fan updates to all the page fans. With a group you can’t send out messages if there are more than 1000 5000 members.

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