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Code 365

I do some sort of coding pretty much every day. It might be a tweak to a site’s design, some hardcore php Yii coding or even a bit of applescript on my mac, but I usually have something I can write, explain or rant about.

Code 365 is an attempt by me to publish a post to this blog each day through to 1st July 2013. It may be that some posts are very short and I queue several up occasionally, but the plan is generally for one each day.

I’ll be posting them to my @hjbme twitter account if you want to keep up with what I’m banging on about.

So coming up shortly, day 1 of 365. Let me know how I’m getting on.

Safely Disposing Of An Old hard Drive Or Computer

So you’re upgrading your computer or replacing the hard drive and you want to be sure that the information on the old drive is no longer readable. Just delete the files or format the drive right? Nope. Still readable by bad people.

The only way to ensure the drive is no longer readable is to destroy the actual disk, and the best way to do that is to….

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The first post

I am writing this post to justify to myself the time I just spent setting up this blog. Although to many it will seem unworth of it’s little bit of the internet, to me it will a regular reminder of why I should be posting on this blog at least once a day.

The problem with my brain is my memory. It has always been shocking, but the harder I work and the longer the hours I sit at my computer, the worse my memory seems to work. It is as though I have to share my 100% of brain power between doing and remember what I am doing. If I am doing a lot, I am remembering very little.

Memory is important in organisation. Lists are also important, and actions, and milestones, but without memory you are pretty unproductive.

So, this blog comes to the rescue. Rather than saving bookmarks using my internet browser or searching old work I have done to find some code I need to use, I am planning on leaving lots of little trails of bread right here so I can come back and go “Oh yeah!, that’s how I did it”.

So there you go. Consider this blogs existance justified. On with the geekiness.