Auto Aiml Explained:

This is the number of random responses to an input.
Input = what is 5+5
Random 1 = ten
Random 2 = 10
Random 3 = The same as 6+4

This will only allow the bot to respond to an input if a specified input was given for the previous input.
You can use this to make the bot seem to remember previous inputs or to tell jokes
Response 1 = Knock knock
Input 1 = who is there?
Response 2 = boo   //IF THE PREVIOUS RESPONSE WAS "knock knock" AND THE LATEST INPUT WAS "who is there?" THEN REPLY WITH THIS
Input 2 = boo who?
Response 3 = its only a joke, there is no need to cry   //SAME GOES: IF THE PREVIOUS WAS "boo" AND THE INPUT "boo who" THEN THIS REPLY.

This is used to match two different inputs to one reponse.
Pattern: bot
Srai: bots
matches bot to the response for bots.
This is useful for saving a lot of repeats of responses.

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