Auto Aiml

Well I assume you found this place because your sick of creating your Aiml files one statement at a time and you were looking for a simpler way to do it. When I went looking for an online Aiml File creator there were only half built systems available that didn't do what I was looking for.
At that point I was just beginning to learn php and I was looking for a challenge to help develop my ability, thats when the idea of AutoAiml came along. To begin with it was a really simple system. It is now still quite simple but complex enough to give several kinds of Aiml output and to save you hours if your creating a large series of Aiml Files.

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I have just finished version 2 of AutoAiml which is now on testing. If there is anything you feel should be added then feel free to with your suggestions.

AutoAiml 2.0 is here. I hope it saves you as much time as it did me. There is a help page here. If you like this Aiml maker, or you use it regularly then please consider making a donation towards the time I have spent developing it.

Thank you

If your looking for already created aiml files then here are some links:
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