Automatically Refreshing a Page Periodically

There are several solutions to making a webpage automatically refresh every few minutes.

Some browsers allow you just to right click and select ‘Refresh Every…’
If you don’t have the luxury of being able to install Firefox or software I have a solution for you:

Url Refresh takes a url and how often you want to refresh it in minutes.

Let me know what you think, or how you would improve it.

7 Replies to “Automatically Refreshing a Page Periodically”

  1. what would be good is if you could have seconds instead of minutes because i tried to do 0.5 minutes for 30 seconds and it didnt work.



  2. @Nathan – That’s intentional. If the site could refresh more often it could more easily be used for abuse. I thought long and hard before limiting it to 1 minute refreshes.

    Can you give me a good example where you would need to refresh it more than once a minute?

  3. I havent tried this yet, but im curious. If I only want the auto refresh to work for like a couple days, then remove it. is there an untick or what do I do to remove this feature? just set it to -0- minutes?

  4. If you want to stop the refreshing then you close the web browser window or browse to the refreshing page directly.

    It’s just a standard webpage at the end of the day. Once closed it no longer exists.

    0 minutes won’t work.

  5. Stumbled here as I need a work solution for a web portal helpdesk application, that only works through IE and Meta Refresh is enabled but doesn’t refresh the page.
    The display of 2 particular call queues is static where I want to be dynamic and reflect the current volume of issues – I’ll mix this with the Dexpot virtual desktop manager to enable multi page auto refreshing – ideally I want a browser that has multi tabs that auto-refresh and auto-slideshow too, that the OS supports cycling between showing windows too… wish list and a half, but contraints of a corporate network.

    thanks for writing this resource, looking forward to testing.


  6. I need to have the url refresh configuration running all the time. Internet explorer opens at startup in kioske mode. I need to have a home page but with time and page already set, not pressing the start refresh buttom. Can I do that? The address doesn’t change when I start the refresh

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