Total all items on an ebay users sales page

A little bit of a strange one I know.
But recently I needed to be able to get the total of all items that another ebay user had for sale. By default they can see it but another user cannot.

So using the console of firebug in firefox paste the following javascript and off you go.

var elms = document.getElementById('v4-45').getElementsByTagName('td');
i = elms.length;
ttl = 0;
str = '';
    if(mtch = elms[i].innerHTML.match(/£([0-9]+.[0-9][0-9])/))
        ttl += parseInt(mtch[1]);
        str += mtch[1] + ' - ';
alert(str + "\n" + '£'+ttl);

Of course if they change the id of any of the elements involved this will stop working. But hey, if you can handle that javascript and firebug then you probably keep it up to date yourself.