Posts from November 2008.

Disable Select Options in Internet Explorer

Put your hands up if you hate developing for Internet explorer….

That would be most of you then.

I can’t stand its special ways of doing things, so when I find an easy work around it makes me happy.

The latest one I have had to find and put into practice is a method for disabling some Select dropdown options in a form. Internet explorer doesn’t support the disabled attribute on option elements. The following code will only work in standards complaint browsers (not in IE 6 or 7):

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Total all items on an ebay users sales page

A little bit of a strange one I know.
But recently I needed to be able to get the total of all items that another ebay user had for sale. By default they can see it but another user cannot.

So using the console of firebug in firefox paste the following javascript and off you go.

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Commenting out large amounts of a script

Every tried to comment out a large part of a script only to find that your /* multiline comments */ don’t work because somewhere in that file you already used /* multiline */ type comments?

Well never fear. A solution for php, Javascript and plenty of other languages is simply to use

... lots of code ...

Simple and quick

Move stray windows back into view in mac OS X

Today the iTunes Equilizer went walkabout on my mac. When I say it went walkabout I mean, I knew it was open because pressing F9 to show all windows proved it was open, but when I went to use it, it was somewhere up above the usable screen of my macbook. Well thanks to Dudehey and robg I found an answer.

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Uppercase First letters with javascript

If you have a string in javascript and you want to the first letter to be uppercase / a capital then this line of code will do that for you:

str = str.slice(0,1).toUpperCase() + str.slice(1);

If you want to convert more than one letter then you might want to use the following. As examples if you wanted the first 4 characters uppercase use (0,3) and then (4) and if you wanted the first 2 uppercase you would use (0,1) and then (2)

str = str.slice(0,3).toUpperCase + str.slice(4);

Remember that an array starts at zero so always take one from the numbers you want.