Google adds Promote, Remove, Comment

Just been onto google today to do my daily checks on site rankings and they have added new nifty features for anyone who is signed in to their google account.

Promot, remove and comment are now shown as small icon links next to each web search result. Promote is an up arrow with bar which goes green on hover, remove is a cross which goes grey on hover and comment is a small speech bubble which becomes bolder on hover.

Selecting remove shows you a little more information about the new options.

So your choices will be visible to other signed in Google users. When you choose to continue, the listing you selected to delete disappears in a very Apple OS X style puff of smoke and the remaining results move up the page to fill the gap.

Promoting a result moves it to the top of the page and adds further information to it.

So the promote link is now green and we can see that one person has promoted it.

What we don’t yet know is how the scoring works. Does one remove equal one promote or is removing more damning that a single promotion.

Selecting to comment results in a comments form and a button which makes it perfectly clear that your comment will be available to everyone.

At the bottom of the results pages is a further option to ‘Add a result’. Clicking on this results in a url form where you can suggest a result for the search you are currently viewing.

A clever way of quickly building a list of peoples favourite pages. Even if the page is listed but my be on page 15, Google can take this submission as a favourable tick for that result.

So there you go. Digg style Digging and burying but only for yourself. You can view all your customised searches and changes by clicking on the links at the bottom of the results page.